Jean DonaldsonJean Donaldson

"Jeff combines training ability and knowledge of behavior and behavior modification with real empathy and compassion for his human clients.  All this plus a commitment to evidence-based and modern, humane methods make him someone you can trust completely, which is a rare thing in the dog training industry.”

Jean Donaldson,
Founder and Director
The Academy for Dog Trainers


Natalie Marx, DVM

Dr. Natalie Marks

"It is with great sadness for Chicago but great excitement for North Carolina that I write this review. I have had the pleasure to partner with Jeff Millman for several years with hundreds of clients and their furry family members in all areas of behavior modification and training.  As medical director of the largest private practice and only Fear Free certified hospital in Chicago, I many times see several patients a day that are struggling with anything from standard obedience and house training to anxiety and reactivity. 

In these cases, Jeff has been an invaluable resource. Jeff offered my clients flexibility in scheduling and in home consults.  His consistent positive training methods through counter conditioning and clicker training are effective, straight-forward and easy for clients to understand and practice.  It also is VERY important to us that the strategies we use as a Fear Free hospital in the clinic are in line with what is being taught in training sessions. Jeff is very proactive in working with local veterinarians and referred many clients to me for pharmaceutical intervention and assistance as their dogs went through training. Reactivity in dogs is becoming more and more common, especially in dogs coming from shelters or rescues, and Jeff is very quick to identify triggers and fears to help work through them behaviorally.  

Jeff singlehandedly has made a tremendous difference in the lives of so many of my patients and their families, reducing anxiety, improving obedience and, most importantly, strengthening the human-animal bond.  We will miss him terribly."

Natalie Marx, DVM
Medical Director
Blum Animal Hospital


Laura Kirsch

"Jeff was instrumental in helping Mars Inc. – Chicago kick off our Pets at Work (PAW) program to allow Associates to bring their PAW-approved dogs into the office. Jeff conducted a behavior assessment for each dog, provided tips to make the dog successful in the office including what owners need to consider to keep them comfortable and entertained in a new environment. He also provided training sessions for humans about dog behavior and one-on-one training sessions with Associates’ dogs.

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of his training techniques as my dog attended training sessions with Jeff. I thought my Sawyer was always going to react in a negative way when approaching dogs on the street. Using Jeff’s training tips consistently along with the clicker we now take nice, long walks together and I don’t have to worry if we run into another dog. It’s much less stressful for both of us and Sawyer is a better dog because of Jeff’s training tips. 

Jeff will be greatly missed here in Chicago and we couldn’t be happier with his skills and knowledge that he brought to us.  I would highly recommend Jeff as a dog trainer and wish him the best of luck in his move."

Laura Kirsch Sr. Functional Expert
Masterdata/Rewards Mars Global Corporate
T: 3122052759| M: 3123422599 
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Meaghan Tower

Meaghan Tower resized"I met Jeff in 2012 when I hired him to help me with my Australian Shepherd rescue who had recently begun biting new people that entered our home. At this time I had been a dog trainer myself for a couple of years, but did not have any experience in modifying fear aggression. After meeting Jeff for our first lesson with my dog, he graciously offered an opportunity for me to shadow his training sessions.

Right away, Jeff’s training techniques stood out to me. Not only are his methods creative, kind and extraordinarily successful, but they prioritize the dog’s emotions above all else. All too often I see trainers using techniques that prioritize the dog performing a desired behavior regardless of how the dog is feeling. Those training techniques will not be successful long-term and do not have our four-legged friends’ best interests at heart. Jeff’s do.

Fast forward six years later and I now specialize in modifying fear-aggression all thanks to everything that I have learned from Jeff. Countless times he has talked me through my toughest behavior modification cases as well as given me honest, realistic advice for my own dog. If you are welcoming a new canine addition to your home, he can make sure you start off on the right track. If you are at a crossroads with your dog due to extreme behavior, he can help you find a balance and improve your dog’s quality of life. I am eternally grateful that Jeff came into my life 6 years ago and recommend his services to everyone."

Meaghan Tower
Head Trainer
Unleashed in Evanston


Katybeth Jensen, PPP

KatyBeth"I met Jeff when he was still teaching classes. While his training classes were impressive one of the things that impressed me the most was how committed and loving, he was to his two rescue Collies. I knew that anyone with that kind of commitment to his pups, along with people and training skills he would soon put his dog training skills to much more extensive use. I was right.

As a professional pet spoiler, Jeff has recommended a lot of families to me that need overnight care for their furry family members. It is always a pleasure to meet those pups along with their families because they are both well trained and confident. Yes. I do mean both the families and the family pup. A lot of trainers can help a dog learn good manners but when they hand the leash back to the owner the dog runs amuck once again. Jeff’s magic is in teaching family members how to work and have fun with their dogs in a positive manner. He is both a people person and a dog person. It’s a rare combination. Everyone I’ve ever spoken with (and my own experience) says Jeff is a great listener, and his quiet manners help them relax and feel good about working with their dog.

Even people with significant training issues become less anxious and more confident as they progress through their training sessions with Jeff alongside them. Jeff is also open to different training ideas keeping up to date with new methods that are introduced through workshops and seminars. This is important because while one training method might work with one dog, there is no guarantee it will work with the next so having a variety of skills makes it easier to customize a training plan that will work for your pup. If you want to enjoy a robust and healthy bond with your dog one of the best investments you can make is working with Jeff. Imagine walking around the block without leash aggression or housebreaking a puppy with ease. It’s all possible when you commit to working with Jeff Millman."

Katybeth Jensen, PPS 
Professional Pet Spoiler
Camp Run a Pup


Marc Matlin

"I own a dog walking service in the city. We offer a discount for dogs that are adopted thru a rescue. As a consequence, it seems the majority of our clients adopt rescues. These dogs often come with behavioral quirks ... for any number of various reasons and circumstances. Jeff reaches into the psyche of the dog and determines the best course of action to take. He understands that all dogs are different and they may require different approaches. He is always kind and humane. The feedback is pretty amazing from the clients that I refer to him."

Marc Matlin
Chicago Dog Walkers

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