I know there are many training options. You can choose any number of local private trainers, classes, books, videos, or try and remember what you learned the last time you had a dog. Why should you hire me? 

Jeff Sky FamilyI will help you with your dog using logical, humane and effective strategies. You will work with a certified, professional dog trainer that not only understands dogs, but also has a business background in internet consulting and creative direction. I understand the challenges of a juggling a demanding job and trying to raise a happy dog. I also have kids, a wonderful wife, a wonderful challenging English Shepherd and can also relate to the extra challenges of balancing work, family life and a demanding dog. When my kids were babies my wife and I also had two Collies and a Sheltie that required a lot of time and attention. I made that work and I can help you come up with a strategy to make your situation work as well. I can help streamline the process so that you are using your time efficiently. I can be your go-to source for dog training questions and solutions.

I can help whether your challenges are an over-exuberant jumping, chewing puppy, a dog that displays aggression towards people or other dogs, a dog with separation anxiety, fear or simply needs basic or advanced obedience. I will provide specific exercises and show you first-hand how to solve your dog training problems. The biggest benefit of private training is that I will show you how to solve your problems and answer your questions exactly where the situation is happening. If your dog is barking in the crate, I will work with you in your home to solve the problem. If your dog has aggression towards other dogs or people, we will work in your home, neighborhood or meet at a park and safely interact with other dogs and people so you will understand how to solve your dog training problems. I am also always available via email for questions you might have.

Since 2002 I have had the privilege of working with more than 6500 dogs focusing on all areas of development including basic puppy training, barking, anxiety and aggression. I studied with Jean Donaldson in 2002 at her Academy for Dog Trainers in San Francisco, CA. After graduation from the Academy for Dog Trainers I taught dog obedience classes for two years in Chicago while I was building my private practice. Since then I have been fortunate to have had great success and results using positive reinforcement. I enjoyed teaching classes but I enjoy private training a lot more. The dog training strategies are customized for you, in your home, where the problems occur. 

I specialize in all stages of dog training and development from brand new puppies and house training, crate training, and puppy biting to advanced training including high levels of obedience. I also specialize in aggression and anxiety, in all forms including dog-dog, dog-people, resource guarding, separation anxiety and dog park issues. I only use humane training methods and do not use or recommend choke chains, prong collars or shock collars. If you prefer one of those options, I can discuss the reasons why you really, truly, do not need those to successfully train a dog to a high level. I will not make you feel bad, don't worry, but I will discuss the practical and scientific reasons behind my recommendations. 

Dogs in SnowMy career came full circle back to the corporate world when I was hired by Mars, Inc. in Chicago to help them set up their dog-friendly work environment. I was in charge of evaluating the dogs to ensure that they met the guidelines to safely come to work with the Mars employee. I also conducted Lunch and Learn sessions and training sessions for the employees that brought their dogs to work. The Lunch and Learn sessions were really fun and included topics such as Get Your Dog Ready for the Holidays, Dog Boredom is a 4-Letter Word, and What To Do If Your Dog Is Aggressive. I worked with Mars while I also continued my private dog training practice. 

Besides having an extensive dog training background, I also had a professional, corporate life before dog training that has helped shape my communication and business skills. I have a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN with a minor in Fine Arts. I concentrated on graphic design and photography in my arts classes. After college I worked as a project manager, graphic designer, art director, and creative director at internet consulting businesses. In my final internet-related job I was the Creative Director at Inforte Consulting and was in charge of meeting with clients around the country and setting the creative direction for their web project. I would then meet with my 25-person creative team while working closely with my colleagues in the technical side of the company to ensure client satisfaction by meeting the business and creative goals of the website. 

One way that you can gain confidence of my dog training abilities is to read my Yelp Reviews from my business in Chicago. The reality is that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, but to have satisfied clients, get referrals from former clients and veterinarians and to stay continuously busy for 16 years is not easy. I am very proud of my accomplishments and hope that you and I can work together to solve your dog training issues and create a logical, effective and humane solution to solve all your dog training needs. 

I lived in Chicago for 25 years and moved to Cary in June of 2018. I am really enjoying my next chapter in Cary, NC with my lovely wife, two children our English Shepherd, Sky. I really look forward to meeting you and your family and helping with your dog training needs.  

Jeff Millman

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