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After only 3 short years living in Cary, NC., I am so proud to have been named the Best Dog Trainer in Wake County by INDY Week magazine. I feel so fortunate to be able to help my wonderful dogs and families learn to happily co-exist in their homes. I never take my career for granted and strive to make sure each client learns the best strategies to work with their furry pal in a logical, humane and effective way. 

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I started and ran Chicago Paws, LLC for more than 16 wonderful years in Chicago. I was fortunate to work with thousands of dogs in all shapes, sizes and breeds. I worked with dogs that needed the basics all the way to dogs that required a high level of expertise in the areas of anxiety and aggression. I am excited to take my experiences and work with dogs in the Cary, NC area. While the name of my business has changed to Jeff Millman Dog Training, I will strive to provide the same level of expertise and client service that made Chicago Paws, LLC so successful. 






I was hired by Mars in Chicago to help establish their new dog-friendly work program. I was responsible for temperament testing every dog to decide if they were behaviorally appropriate to bring to work, I provided input on rules for the program, I conducted lunch-and-learn sessions for the employees, was involved in the orientation for those interested in bringing their dogs and provided training to employees and their dogs.


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Besides my busy private dog training business, I also started an online website appropriately named Watch and Train. You can find free dog training videos there.


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I graduated in March of 2002 with Honors from Jean Donaldson's on-site Academy for Dog Trainers founded in 1999 in San Francisco with the aim of providing comprehensive and leading edge education to dog trainers, behavior counselors and other companion dog professionals. Jean has since decided to move her academy online and started the web-based Academy for Dog Trainers, to continue working with students all over the world. 

I enjoyed a rigorous, positive-reinforcement, hands-on academy based on humane treatment of animals, learning theory and fact, the school was known as the "Harvard for dog trainers." I benefitted from 5-6 hours of daily classroom instruction as well as working with dogs that lived at the attached SFSPCA. I also taught public classes and had intensive one-on-one instruction from Jean and other instructors. Jean Donaldson has written Train Your Dog Like a Pro,  Mine! A Guide to Resource GuardingDogs are from Neptune, Oh Behave!: Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to PinkerFight!: A Practical Guide to the Treatment of Dog-Dog AggressionCulture Clash, which Dr. Ian Dunbar, veterinarian, Ph.D, author and pioneer of positive dog training, called "quite simply the best dog book I've ever read." The experiences and knowledge I gained at the Academy is something that I cherish to this day. Jean Donaldson is considered an innovator and brilliant mind in the positive reinforcement dog training world. 

Jean also has a brilliant course available at Great Courses, that is valuable for anyone to learn more about dog training. 



I am a certified Fear Free dog trainer and am trained in strategies to help dogs be more calm with grooming and vet visits. Fear Free provides online and in-person education to veterinary professionals, the pet professional community, and pet owners.  Their courses provide learners and pet lovers with the knowledge and tools to not only look after a pet’s physical well-being, but her emotional well-being as well.


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I am a member of The APDT (Association for Pet Dog Trainers), a professional organization of trainers who seek to advocate positive reinforcement training by offering continuing educational opportunities for trainers, other animal professionals and the public. I have attended 5-day seminars in Portland, Oregon; Orlando, Florida; and Oakland California. 



Thanks to my loyal, happy clients, I was the recipient of the 2004 1st Runner Up award in the category of Best Dog Trainer in Chicagoland Tails magazine. Considering all of the competition in this area, I am very proud of this accomplishment.



 I attended two intensive ClickerExpo Clicker Training seminars led by Karen Pryor, renowned animal trainer and behaviorist. This is the leading organization to learn and expand clicker training and humane training knowledge. Speakers often include Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Kathy Sdao, Emma Parsons and others. 





The success I enjoyed in my previous career as a consultant, culminating in work as a Creative Director at Inforte, helped hone my client service skills and creativity to solve problems and produce results. I provided internet direction for clients across the U.S. More important, that success allowed me to follow this dream of a life devoted to strengthening the bond between people and dogs. Through first-hand experience I also appreciate people's busy schedules and strive to design a strategy to help you have a rich relationship with your dog within the confines of your busy schedule.

I still enjoy creating all my websites as well as my logos, T-shirts and other marketing materials. 



My undergraduate degree in Journalism and Fine Arts helped lay the foundation for solid research, setting and meeting deadlines, attentive listening and clear communication in both the written and visual form.

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