I provide customized, in-home private dog training in and around Cary, NC. See my travel area to confirm that I travel to your location.

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I offer different options to provide you with just the amount of training you need.

Session Details

Single Session (1 Hour) 
At the beginning of the 60-minute session we will spend a few minutes discussing strategies for the session before we begin. I'll then demonstrate specific training strategies and then watch you and your dog work together on skills and methods to use on your own in future training sessions.This option does not include detailed training notes or email support.

Should you consider a single session? These 60-minute private sessions are recommended for specific topics and troubleshooting such as leash walking, jumping, limited barking or general training questions. You can always start with one session and add more later. I also recommend single sessions for separation anxiety cases because separation anxiety often takes a lot of time in between sessions to practice.

4 Session Package (4, 75-minute Sessions totaling 5 hours) 
These sessions may focus on general training or specific behavior issues. One benefit of the private 4 Session Package is the detailed notes and training strategies tailored to your needs to keep as reference. At the beginning of each session, I will confirm that your needs have remained the same, and then we will prioritize accordingly.

Should You Consider the 4-Session Package?

The 4 Session Package is perfect for a variety of cases including puppy training, barking, dog-dog aggression, resource guarding, or general to advanced training programs. Most of my new puppy clients choose this option and receive the full benefit of a structured training plan to ensure their puppy grows up to be a confident, well-adjusted older dog. 

Puppies and the 4 Session Package
When I work with young puppies with this plan, I recommend meeting every other week to allow you enough time in between sessions to work on the specific time-sensitive puppy issues. You can rest easy knowing that I will help you prioritize your training schedule without feeling overwhelmed. This provides you with a structured 8 week training program to get your puppy trained and socialized, as well as providing email support in between sessions to address the questions that come up before we meet again.

Older Dogs and the 4 Session Package
For older dogs with dog aggression or other issues, I recommend that we meet two weeks in a row and then skip a week in between sessions two and three as well as three and four. This provides adequate upfront instruction and then allows you sufficient time to practice all the techniques in between sessions without having to become an expert overnight. I will get you up to speed at the proper pace to ensure you really know how to continue working when we are finished.

This scheduling strategy for older dogs results in a 6 week timeframe of training help and support. Of course, if you want other scheduling options, I work around your busy schedule.

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I Will Help You Succeed

Email Support Included With all Packages
All my clients that choose a 4 session package option also have the benefit of email support in between sessions with follow-up questions. This support is available as long as you have unused sessions on the calendar.

How to Decide Between 1 and 4 Sessions

I have great success with both the 4 session and single sessions. I will not pressure you into a decision. The difference is truly time and budget. Of course the 4 session package costs more, but you also get a lot more of my time and you get the benefit of scheduling in advance to work around your schedule. I typically do book up at least a few weeks ahead, and my record is 12 weeks ahead. Typically I am booked 2-6 weeks ahead of time. If you have the budget for a more extensive package, you can be assured that you are getting the best positive reinforcement dog trainer anywhere to provide you and your dog the help he or she needs.

With almost 20 years experience, I cover a lot of information in each session, however, it is difficult to handle cases such as aggression in one session. There is too much information to cover and you will need time to digest what is taught in the session and practice the techniques that I show you. There are usually questions that arise, and while I am happy to handle questions via email, there is nothing that can replace in-person instruction. For aggression cases I usually suggest the 4 session option. Some clients find they need more than that, but often that is enough to get you started with the information necessary to continue training after we are finished. But, as you can see in my reviews and testimonials, my clients rave about the success that they find with my help. 

The 4 session package will provide you the individualized instruction for you to continue working in between sessions and after we are finished. You also get an extensive training plan to refer to in between session and after we are done working together. I don't want you to be tethered to me forever. My job is to give you the information and confidence to continue improving your dog's behavior at the end of your training package.

Want me to show you clearly how to work with your dog and give you the confidence to do it? You should consider the 4 session package.

Pre-baby Planning Dog Training Package 
Many training and planning strategies exist to help families and dogs adjust to the arrival of a new baby. I can help you and your dog learn certain important skills before your baby arrives, along with sharing strategies to keep in mind when your dog and baby meet for the first time.

New Dog Preparation/Consultation 
In this two-session package I can help your family prepare for a new dog with discussions of care, feeding, housing and planning for your new addition to the family. In one visit I provide a thorough sense of how to prepare your home and family for your dog, and in a visit after the pup or dog has arrived I check on progress and help you troubleshoot in order to provide the best possible start for you and your dog. I would come for one visit before you get your dog and one visit after. We can also customize a package based on your needs.

Customized Classes
Have a few friends or neighbors with dogs that need some guidance? All you need to do is choose a backyard and get ready to learn. Minimum of two dogs and maximum of 5. I will customize the class based on your needs including handouts and homework. Convenient and effective for those with busy schedules. Good for dogs that need practice around other dogs. Beginning to Advanced curriculums. Morning through evening availability. Enjoy a price discount for multiple dogs and benefit from convenient private training at a reduced rate!

What My Clients are Saying

"I couldn't recommend working with Jeff more highly. I echo everything that has been said on these reviews and then some!

He is wonderful to work with and of course, unbelievable with dogs! If you're thinking about reaching out to work with him, stop thinking and just do it -- thanks to him we have such a wonderful, loving, well behaved dog and have managed to tackle a bunch of different issues that are now history!"

Meredith M. 

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