Do you live in the Triangle Area and have a new puppy? I can help you have that well adjusted puppy that you can take anywhere, is a joy to be around and grows into a wonderful, confident older dog. Puppies can start training as early as 7 weeks of age, and there are many time-sensitive topics that should be addressed as early as possible to avoid problems as your dog matures. 

I will help you prioritize your training schedule to ensure you are spending your time efficiently. When you purchase the four or twelve session package you will receive detailed training notes covering all of the following topics. Alternatively, you can hire me for single 60-minute sessions and address any training topic that fits your needs.  


Preventative Topics
I will teach you how to work with your puppy just a few minutes a day to lessen the chances of behavior problems later on.  

Whether you want to take your dog outside or live in a high-rise in downtown Chicago and use a puppy pad, I will help you get your dog housetrained. 

Separation Anxiety
I will show you crate training exercises and teach you how to acclimate your dog to being left alone and avoid this serious problem.

Food and Possession Aggression
This is one of the main causes of aggression and can be attributed to many bites directed towards children.

This is the most time-sensitive puppy topic. Dogs have a well-defined socialization period lasting up to 16-18 weeks of age. I will show you how to socialize your puppy in your daily interactions as well as more structured socialization outings. I will show you how to socialize your puppy in and around your neighborhood, at dog parks, soccer games, birthday parties, festivals, etc. 

Puppy Biting and Bite Inhibition
Besides being painful, it is important to teach a puppy to have a soft mouth. This is called bite inhibition and will lessen the chances of damaging bites as your puppy gets older.

Basic Training
Training is important to help teach a puppy to be composed and under control, and also to provide the necessary mental stimulation that is critical to having a happy, calm dog. Bored dogs will find their own activities including destruction, barking, and even aggression.

Training Topics

We will work on the following specific strategies during sessions and I will explain how to continue working in between sessions. I taught classes while I was building my private business and understand all aspects of puppy training and development. I can help you fix problems that are present, and prevent problems that could happen. I want to help you have a well adjusted family member that is a joy to be with. 

I can help with all areas of preventative measures as well as basic to advanced training including:

  • Leash walking
  • No jumping
  • Come
  • Leave It
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Counter Surfing
  • Stop
  • Off Leash Control
  • Mental stimulation strategies 

Have a Puppy and a Life

Feel like your puppy is taking over? I can show you specific strategies and a structure to have a happy, tired puppy and also be able to have some peace and quiet, or go out to dinner, watch your child's soccer game without the guilt often associated with having a puppy. Yes, puppies take time and effort. But, I can help you streamline your efforts to save time and avoid making common mistakes.

Dog Park Play

It is important to understand how to safely take your puppy to the dog park. I recommend that we visit a dog park during at least one of our sessions. While there, we will discuss the following topics:

  • How to read dog body language to decide if the other dog is safe to play with
  • How to break up fights if they occur
  • How to teach to your dog to listen to you around other dogs
  • How much training you should do at the park - the answer might surprise you!
  • How to have off leash control including Stop, Leave It, and Come

What My Clients Are Saying

"Our vet recommended Jeff to us to train our new puppy.  We could not have been more pleased with the results! Jeff came to our house for a series of training sessions.  Using positive reinforcement techniques he showed us how to housetrain our puppy & break her of a few bad habits she had already developed:  nipping & chewing shoes & socks.  Our puppy adored Jeff. Recently, we contacted Jeff because our dog (no longer a puppy) started having signs of separation anxiety.  Jeff provided us with a booklet he's written on anxiety & helpful tips for how to deal with it, & asked us to keep him posted on how things were progressing. All this attention, & we're not even current clients! I would highly recommend Jeff for any type of dog training, both for puppies and older dogs."

Anita H.

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