I provide customized, in-home private dog training in and around Cary, NC. See my travel area to confirm that I travel to your location.

Want more information about my private triangle area dog training services? You can fill out my Dog Training Form with the details about your dog and the best way to contact you. I will contact you to discuss the training options.

I offer different options to provide you with just the amount of training you need.

Session Details

little badger dog is angry over whiteSingle Session (1 Hour) 
At the beginning of the 60-minute session, we will spend a few minutes discussing strategies for the session before we begin. I'll then show specific training strategies and then watch you and your dog work together on skills and methods to use on your own in future training sessions.This option does not include detailed training notes or email support.

Should you consider a single session? These 60-minute private sessions are recommended for specific topics and troubleshooting, such as leash walking, jumping, limited barking or general training questions. You can always start with one session and add more later. I also recommend single sessions for separation anxiety cases because separation anxiety often takes a lot of time in between sessions to practice.

4 Session Package (4, 75-minute Sessions totaling 5 hours) 
These sessions may focus on general training or specific behavior issues. One benefit of the private 4 Session Package is the detailed training plan provided at the beginning of the sessions tailored to your needs to keep as reference. At the beginning of each session, I will confirm that your needs have remained the same, and then we will prioritize accordingly. One benefit of the 4 session package is that you can schedule all four sessions and get the spots that work for you based on my current availability. I can get quite busy and can book up far in advance. 

12 Session Package - Stay at Home Board and Train (12, 60-minute sessions)
Please note: I do not offer my 12-session option to all locations. Based on my current availability, I will let you know if this is an option for your location. 
Get the benefits of me working with your dog (one-on-one) while you are working from home, at the office, or running errands. You and anyone in your family that wants to be involved will need to be involved for at least 5 sessions, which I call group or family sessions. This is to ensure that you learn how to work with your dog in between sessions. This aspect is sorely lacking in traditional "Drop Off" Board and Train options. You can be involved in more sessions, if you wish.

During the one-on-one sessions, I will work alone with your dog(s) and email training notes and homework suggestions for you to work on in between sessions. Often my clients will "pop-in" with questions in between Zoom calls or simply watch me to learn how to work with their dog, or I might be alone for the whole session. I am there for you and you can be involved as much or as little during my one-on-one time. You can also email me with questions in between sessions. I will also provide occasional videos as well to show you how to work with your dog. The benefits of this option are many. I will get the ball rolling with your dog and work on the repetition and determine the best strategies to work with him or her. When we meet as a group, I will show you how to continue training. I typically recommend group sessions 1, 4, 7 and 11 and 12.

This is a convenient alternative to a board and train option. Designed for the busy dog guardian who wants the convenience of in-home training and the comfort of an expert handling your dog in one-on-one instruction. Your puppy or older dog learns in the home, wherever problems occur, but with this package, you ensure your dog experiences the appropriate follow-through and repetition necessary to secure new skills.You get the expertise and efficiency of me working with your dog and the custom, private instruction to show you exactly how to continue working. Also, I only use humane methods! I don't use or recommend choke, prong, shock or spray collars that are frequently used at Board and Train locations. 

Should You Consider the 4-Session Package?

The 4 Session Package is perfect for a variety of cases including puppy training, barking, dog-dog aggression, resource guarding, or general to advanced training programs. Most of my new puppy clients choose this option and receive the full benefit of a structured training plan to ensure their puppy grows up to be a confident, well-adjusted older dog. 

You can absolutely schedule one 75-minute session (all sessions in the 4 session package are 75-minutes), and decide whether you want to schedule the remaining 3 sessions. You would pay for 75-minutes at session #1, and the balance at #2. The downside of this is that I can book up far ahead and there might be a delay in getting on the calendar if you wait to schedule after session #1. Since my schedule depends on the location of where my clients live, if you are interested in scheduling more sessions, I will email you schedule options instead of scheduling in-person. This is a much more time-efficient process. 

Puppies and the 4 Session Package
When I work with young puppies with this plan (7-9 weeks old), I usually recommend meeting every other week to allow you enough time in between sessions to work on the specific time-sensitive puppy issues. You can rest easy knowing that I will help you prioritize your training schedule without feeling overwhelmed. This provides you with a structured 8 week training program to get your puppy trained and socialized, as well as providing email support in between sessions to address the questions that come up before we meet again. We can also meet two weeks in a row (as long as our schedules allow it) and then skip a week after #2 and #3. Either option works for puppies.

The most important aspect of my services is that you understand what to do when I am not there. I will help you prioritize your training to focus on the correct topics at the time that makes sense based on your puppy's age. Clients usually tell me they are so grateful that now they have a game plan that was much easier than what they were doing before they hired me. Yay!

Older Dogs and the 4 Session Package
For older dogs with dog aggression or other issues, I recommend we meet two weeks in a row and then skip a week in between sessions two and three, as well as three and four. This provides adequate upfront instruction and then allows you sufficient time to practice all the techniques in between sessions without having to become an expert overnight. I will get you up to speed at the proper pace to ensure you really know how to continue working when we are finished. Sometimes I can be booked up or you can be extra busy as well and we can't find times at this frequency.

You will have tons to work on after every session and you can email me in between sessions as well. Don't worry about being "behind". I will keep you moving forward and you will get all the information you need, even if the schedule is not exactly as described above. This scheduling strategy for older dogs results in approximately a 6 week timeframe of training help and support. Of course, if you want other scheduling options, I work around your busy schedule.

Should You Consider the 12-Session Stay-at-Home Board and Train Package?

Please note: I do not offer my 12-session option to all locations. Based on my current availability, I will let you know if this is an option for your location. 
This is ideal for someone that wants complete flexibility in training and wants a proven professional dog trainer to take the lead and "get the ball rolling" with the training. At session one I will meet with you and your family to start the training process and give you specific tasks to work on before we meet again.

Then I will work with your dog one-on-one during sessions 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9. During sessions, 1, 4, 7, and 11 and 12 you get the benefits of family sessions where I will conduct private training for you and your family and clearly explain the strategies that I have found to be effective in my sessions with your dog. You can be in the house, running errands, at work or having dinner with your family during my one-on-one sessions.

I leave detailed training notes for you (and me) to keep track of the training strategies I work on. I will also leave helpful homework suggestions and help you prioritize your training time in between sessions. If your dog needs a potty break, I will take your dog out to do his or her business and include details in my notes.

Cancel Your Dog Walker
During your training package, we can try to schedule your sessions around your dog walking schedule to save you a dog walk during our training time. I will leave notes about your dog's potty schedule for your convenience.

Want to be More Involved?
Sometimes my clients have so much fun at the sessions that they want to be involved in over 5 sessions, but that is entirely up to you. Your dog will get trained while you are taking part and also while I am patiently working on the repetition and expertly refining all of your dog's skills.

How can you benefit from the 12 Session Package?
You can benefit from my expertise for general or advanced obedience, aggression, anxiety, or other creative tasks. I have trained dogs during parties when guests arrive to work on preventing jumping, during a child's birthday party to teach a puppy not to nip at running children, at dinners to help dogs learn not to beg at the table, or in the neighborhood to help with leash manners and reactivity. 

I recommend you use the training hours for whatever would be most helpful for you and your family. My proven humane training methods will address the specific issues that you need help with most in your home where the problems are happening. I also have many clients that work from home and "pop-in" in between Zoom calls to watch my training or ask questions. Whatever your needs are, I can work around your schedule. My goal is for you to learn in the best way that works for you.

Want me to do more of the training and show you what works? Perfect.

Want to be involved in more than five sessions? No problem.

I also have many clients that want to be involved for all ten sessions. Great! To provide even more help and to structure the training when I work alone with your dog I will leave detailed notes describing what behaviors I worked on as well as homework suggestions.

How should you decide between the 4 session and 12 session package?
I have great success with both the 4 sessions and 12 session packages. The difference is truly time and budget. Of course, the 12 session package costs more, but you also get a lot more of my time and you get the benefit of complete flexibility in your schedule. You will pay me for more of the repetition that is necessary for any training plan. If you have the budget for a more extensive package, you are getting one of the best positive reinforcement trainers anywhere to work on an intensive, humane training plan to give your dog the help he or she needs.

The 4 session package will provide you the individualized instruction for you to continue working in between sessions and after we are finished. I don't want you to be tethered to me forever. My job is to give you the information and confidence to continue improving your dog's behavior at the end of your training package.

Want me to show you clearly how to work with your dog and give you the confidence to do it? You should consider the 4 session package.

Want me to do more of the training and teach you how to continue working when we are done? The 10 session package is perfect for you!

Can You Drop Your Dog Off to Me?

Read my post about  why I don't offer Board and Train where you drop your dog off at my location. My 12-session Stay-At-Home Board and Train is much more effective!

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I Will Help You Succeed

Email Support Included With all Packages
All my clients that choose a 4 session or 12 session package option also have the benefit of email support in between sessions with follow-up questions. This support is available as long as you have unused sessions on the calendar.

How to Decide Between 1 and 4 Sessions

I have great success with both the 4 session and single sessions. I will not pressure you into a decision. The difference is truly time and budget. Of course, the 4 session package costs more, but you also get a lot more of my time and you get the benefit of scheduling in advance to work around your schedule. I typically do book up at least a few weeks ahead, and my record is 12 weeks ahead. Typically, I am booked 2-6 weeks ahead of time. If you have the budget for a more extensive package, you can be assured that you are getting the best positive reinforcement dog trainer anywhere to provide you and your dog the help he or she needs.

With over 21 year's experience, I cover a lot of information in each session however; it is difficult to handle cases such as aggression in one session. There is too much information to cover and you will need time to digest what is taught in the session and practice the techniques that I show you. There are usually questions that arise, and while I am happy to handle questions via email, there is nothing that can replace in-person instruction. For aggression cases, I usually suggest the 4 session option. Some clients find they need more than that, but often that is enough to get you started with the information necessary to continue training after we are finished. 

The 4 session package will provide you the individualized instruction for you to continue working in between sessions and after we are finished. You also get an extensive training plan to refer to in between session and after we are done working together. I don't want you to be tethered to me forever. My job is to give you the information and confidence to continue improving your dog's behavior at the end of your training package.

Want me to show you clearly how to work with your dog and give you the confidence to do it? You should consider the 4 session package.

Pre-baby Planning Dog Training Package 
Many training and planning strategies exist to help families and dogs adjust to a new baby. I can help you and your dog learn certain important skills before your baby arrives, along with sharing strategies to keep in mind when your dog and baby meet for the first time.

New Dog Preparation/Consultation 
In this two-session package, I can help your family prepare for a new dog with discussions of care, feeding, housing and planning for your new addition to the family. In one visit I provide a thorough sense of how to prepare your home and family for your dog, and in a visit after the pup or dog has arrived I check on progress and help you troubleshoot in order to provide the best possible start for you and your dog. I would come for one visit before you get your dog and one visit after. We can also customize a package based on your needs.

Customized Classes
Have a few friends or neighbors with dogs that need some guidance? All you need to do is choose a backyard and get ready to learn. Minimum of two dogs and maximum of 5. I will customize the class based on your needs including handouts and homework. Convenient and effective for those with busy schedules. Good for dogs that need practice around other dogs. Beginning to Advanced curriculums. Morning through evening availability. Enjoy a price discount for multiple dogs and benefit from convenient private training at a reduced rate!

What My Clients are Saying

"I couldn't recommend working with Jeff more highly. I echo everything that has been said on these reviews and then some!"

"He is wonderful to work with and, of course, unbelievable with dogs! If you're thinking about reaching out to work with him, stop thinking and just do it -- thanks to him we have such a wonderful, loving, well-behaved dog and have tackled a bunch of different issues that are now history!"

Meredith M.


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 Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully. I have years of experience treating all forms of aggression and will show you logical, effective and humane specific strategies to help assess your dog's aggression and devise a treatment plan that you...



Barking can be a very instrusive, annoying, and frustrating problem. All dogs bark sometimes, but if a dog barks excessively, it is helpful to know how to change this behavior. I can help stop barking. 


Separation anxiety in dogs can result in barking, destruction, housetraining issues and can even result in a dog hurting himself after prolonged attempts at escape. I have worked with two separate cases involving dogs that were so panicked they pushed through window screens and jumped out of...




It is important to understand how to teach your dog what you want and what you do not want. I will show you humane, logical and effective strategies to teach your dog anything that he or she is able to do. 


Have a dog and planning on starting a family? Have a child and dog that are not getting along? Want to make sure your puppy matures into a well-adjusted family member that is a joy to be around and not a burden?


Do you feel guilty that your dog is bored? Do you want to learn how to stop demand barking? Are you dealing with behavior problems such as destruction,  a dog that will not leave you alone, or just seems unhappy?  You might have a bored dog. I can help! 


When I see a dog that jumps on people, I know that this is usually the tip of the iceberg of behavior issues. Dogs usually jump on people to get attention. If it is a consistent problem, this is a sure sign that one or more family members or friends have been giving attention while jumping occurs, which...



The frustration and back pain associated with a dog that pulls on the leash is not very pleasant. Wouldn't it be nice if you and your dog could go on a nice, pleasant walk without feeling like you accidentally signed up for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race? I can help. 


Demand behaviors are identified as anything a dog does repeatedly that is undesirable for the person that it is directed towards. You can train your dog to stop these behaviors using humane, logical, strategies. 


If you would like to work with the best private dog trainer in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham or Morrisville, NC please fill out my dog training contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Get the best, professional, certified dog training in Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, Apex or surrounding areas in North Carolina, depending on your location. I will travel approximately 30 minutes from Bond Park in Cary, NC. Check to see if you are in my travel area. 

I really appreciate your interest in my dog training services.

CONTACT ME to fill out my form. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


little badger dog is angry over whiteHow can you feel confident that when you hire me, I will provide you and your family, logical, effective and humane strategies to solve your dog training problems? How can you be sure that it will be worth the money? Why can't you just hire the kid down the block, take a class at the closest dog training school, or look on YouTube for all the answers?

I would ask the exact same questions, and I do, whenever I hire someone. I do research, I talk to friends and neighbors, I look at Yelp and Google Reviews and then I make a decision.  

Can you learn how to train your dog watching YouTube videos, or hiring the least expensive trainer you find? Maybe. But, there is a good chance you will spend that time and money and realize that you really did not get the results that you were looking for. Is it worth it spending time and money and then have to do it again?

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