Demand behaviors are identified as anything a dog does repeatedly that is undesirable for the person that it is directed towards.

Examples include:

  • Barking
  • Nipping
  • Jumping
  • Stealing items to initiate chase
  • Repeatedly dropping a ball in someone's lap
  • Pawing

 It is not possible for dogs to "behave" all the time, but demand behaviors are often a symptom of boredom, confusion, lack of proper management strategies, or under-exercise. With my help, you can create a daily strategy to provide your dog with proper boundaries, physical and mental stimulation. A happy, calm dog has no need to exhibit repeated behaviors for attention. 

One key strategy for a happy, well-balanced dog is to notice the "good" things that he does. Pay attention to when he is calm, quiet, not jumping and not destroying anything and toss a treat, give verbal praise or throw his favorite toy for him to chase. Rewarding behaviors as you notice them is called "shaping" and is one of the most powerful dog training strategies. I can show you logical, effective strategies to communicate with your dog by shaping and other dog training commmunication methods. 

Guilty That Your Dog is Bored?

Do you have guilt that your dog is bored or is not getting enough every day?

Let me devise a strategy for you that will result in a calm, happy dog! It is so nice to be out with your family knowing that your dog is at home happy and not bored, barking and destructive! It is so nice to have guests over and not have your dog be a jumping, pushy annoyance! 

Sound good? I can help. Please let me know if I can assist you and your family with this seemingly impossible problem (it isn't impossible!).

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