Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully. I have years of experience treating all forms of aggression and will show you logical, effective and humane specific strategies to help assess your dog's aggression and devise a treatment plan that you can use every day 

Stop Your Dog's Aggression

I only recommend and use humane, non-physical techniques that work. Whether the problems involve dog-to-dog aggression, or dog-to-people aggression I can help your dog and you. If you currently use a choke or prong collar, don't worry, I won't judge but instead teach you more effective science-based strategies using desensitization and counter-conditioning. I look forward to showing you how! 

People Aggression

Whether the aggression is due to improper socialization or a traumatic event, dogs can exhibit many forms of aggression towards people. I have experience with all forms of aggression including territorial aggression, resource guarding, handling issues, startle sensitivity, and barrier frustration. I will show you how to identify specific changes in the environment which cause the unwanted behavior.

I will then show you how to read your dog's anxiety levels to keep him within his comfort zone. The final step will be to desensitize him to the specific events so he becomes more comfortable with the events that initially caused the aggression.

Dog-Dog and On-Leash Aggression

Often dogs are fine when off leash but exhibit aggression when walking on leash. This is appropriately named "On-leash Aggression" and it happens for many reasons. When on leash and prevented from moving freely, dogs are limited in their options. Combine that with fear or frustration, and dogs will exhibit more pronounced body language and actions that can signal another dog to be on alert. This combination often results in one or both dogs reacting, creating a stressful situation for both dogs; often resulting in aggression. 

This can present itself in many ways including barking, growling or biting. If the situation is left unchecked, dogs will consistently do this behavior day-after-day and their behavior can get worse over time. There can be many reasons why dogs exhibit on-leash aggression. Dogs that were improperly socialized or had a trauma often show a higher rate of on-leash aggression due to the close proximity of dogs in most neighborhoods.

Some dogs just don't have the appropriate social skills and confidence and have uncomfortable greetings with dogs. This, over time, can cause negative emotional responses to dogs and increase the chances of fear, anxiety and aggression.

Whether your dog can peacefully interact with some dogs or is uncomfortable with all dogs on leash and off, I can help you identify ways to increase your dog's comfort level with dogs. This can make the walks more pleasant, allow you to take your dog more places, which will result in a more relaxed, happy dog. This, in turn, will result in a happy household!

What My Clients are Saying

"Jeff is great! My husband and I contacted him for help with our 7-yr-old Papillon, Remy, who has shown signs of aggression and nervousness most of his adult life. Remy has been attacked by other dogs, so we were worried that his fear/aggression was a hopeless situation.

After working with Jeff for one session, our entire perspective on Remy's behavior has changed. We learned how to properly use clicker training to handle situations that might normally cause fear/aggression. During our session, we walked past several dogs and were able to utilize Jeff's training method to keep Remy calm and controlled. For us, this was a miracle!

My husband noted that Jeff is the first dog professional (trainer, groomer, vet, etc) that Remy has been calm around. Jeff knows what he's doing!"

Jayme A. 

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