Did you know that all dogs need mental and physical stimulation? Besides the noticeable changes in a dog's behavior that make him more enjoyable to be around, (no pulling, no jumping, listening, etc.) a properly trained dog is happier, understands 'house rules', is more relaxed and is more likely to be an active member of the family enjoying trips to family events, parks and even vacations around the country. 

You Can Have Your Dog With You

My family and I travel everywhere with our dogs because they are great in the car, great in hotels, great at family functions and simply fun to be around. Years ago I was invited to a friend's birthday party two hours from our house. I planned on attending the party and leaving early to come home and walk our dogs. My good friend said, "Of course you are bringing your dogs, right?" At that time, I had two young Rough Collies and a young Sheltie. My buddy insisted I brought them. When I arrived I put my dogs in his basement with some frozen Kongs I brought. He told me that they should be with the party. I brought them upstairs and they enjoyed the party with about 30 people. Everyone could not believe how well behaved they were! 

Yes, I Am Teaching You!

Often during training sessions, clients will exclaim, "You are really teaching me as much as you are teaching my dog!"

That is absolutely correct. My goal each and every session is that you understand how to train your dog when I am not there. I have had so much practice training dogs that I can train with ease. There are some basic principles of dog training that will make it so much easier for you to work with your dog. There are no "secrets" in dog training, but it is like any other skill, either you know how to do it or you don't.

I will explain and teach many different training tasks, but more importantly, I will teach you how to teach your dog. Once you understand the principles of conditioning, reinforcement, reward ratios, Premack's principle, overshadowing (good or bad?? I will teach you!), and many more training strategies you will have fun and can teach your dog anything! It is a joy to see a dog's eyes and ears perk up when they are being taught something new. It is magical to see the lightbulb go off the first time a puppy lies down on a verbal cue. It is just as fantastic to watch my human clients say how fun training is and that they had no idea it could be so easy!

The more you train the easier and more rewarding it becomes. Eventually you simply do it as part of your routine. Did you know you can watch TV while training your dog? I can show you how!

One concept that I stress to my clients is to not put an artificial deadline on training goals. Who cares if it takes your puppy two weeks to learn, "down"? Why should it take only three sessions to teach roll over? The most important thing is that you treat your dog with kindness, clear instruction and use sound training principles and that your dog is happy and tired after training sessions. He or she WILL learn what you are teaching as long as you use the basic, easy principles that I show you. Every dog and every human learns at a different pace and some require other strategies. One Labrador Retriever I trained in San Francisco would not pay attention to me. I tried and tried. Finally I realized that he was bouncing off the walls during training sessions and lost focus. I started running a mile with him before training sessions to get rid of his excess energy. I discovered this is what he needed to focus. Was he a "bad" dog? No! Just super high energy and it was up to me to figure out the best way to teach him. 

I will show you a myriad of humane, fun training strategies to teach your dog and we will find the one that works!

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