Do you feel guilty that your dog is not getting what he or she needs? Are you dealing with behavior problems such as destruction, a dog that will not leave you alone, or just seems unhappy? 

You might have a bored dog. I can help! 

Most people simply do not know how to keep a dog happy and tired. Did you know that mental stimulation in the form of training, activities and games is critical to having a well-adjusted, happy dog? Don't feel bad if you do not. Most people do not have the knowledge to keep their dog mentally tired. 

I can show you logical, effective and humane strategies to provide your dog the enrichment and stimulation that is needed to have a happy dog and happy home. You are probably going to be surprised at how easy it is and it doesn't take as much time as you might think. 


I will provide specific training strategies and show you examples of how I conduct training sessions. I will make sure that you understand the steps involved and can continue working in between sessions. I will make it logical and fun for both you and your dog. Of course the strategies will be humane

Training Topics

Whether your dog is a complete novice or has a lot of training, I can show you how to take your training to the next level. Examples of topics that we might work on include:

  • Stay
  • Retrieve
  • Object discrimination
  • Clean up (put toys away!)
  • Touch
  • Placement cues
  • Off leash control
  • Leash walking and heel
  • No jumping
  • Come
  • Leave It
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Counter Surfing
  • Stop
  • and more . . . .

Have a Dog and a Life

Feel like your dog is taking over? I can show you specific strategies and a structure to have a happy, tired dog and also be able to have some peace and quiet, or go out to dinner, watch your child's soccer game without the guilt often associated with having a dog.

If your goal is to take your dog more places and simply can't because he or she is a bit too wild, I can help with that too. 

We can meet in your home, neighborhood, your child's soccer game or wherever the problems are happening and I can show you specific strategies to involve your dog more into your routine. The more he is with you and your family, the more tired he will be. Everything is easier at that point. 

Dog Park Play

Maybe your goal is to tire your dog out at the dog park but just don't feel confident that you know how to do it, you think your dog is too aggressive, or you are concerned about the other dogs in the park. It is important to understand how to safely take your dog to the dog park. You might decide ultimately that it makes more sense to take him near the park for socialization and activity but it is too much to take him inside. I can show you how to make these decisions safely. I have been to a dozen different dog parks thousands of times when I lived in Chicago and have visited dog parks in Cary, Raleigh and Durham and Apex many times since moving to North Carolina. You know what? They are all the same! Sometimes there are aggressive dogs that should not be in the park, but most of the time the dogs are simply acting like dogs. I always observe the dogs playing before I enter the park, and sometimes I will leave before even entering the park, but that is rare. Usually the dogs and people are pleasant, energetic and enjoyable and can be a great outlet for your dog!

Whether you decide to simply go near the park to socialize with dogs entering and exiting the park or venture into the park, let an expert show you the way. 

I will teach you:

  • How to read dog body language to decide if the other dogs are safe to play with
  • How to break up fights if they occur
  • How to teach to your dog to listen to you around other dogs
  • How much training you should do at the park - the answer might surprise you!
  • How to have off leash control including Stop, Leave It, and Come

I look forward to speaking with you. Fill out my information form and I will contact you soon.

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What are my clients saying?

We moved with our golden retriever from Texas not long ago and our dog was struggling with the adjustment: the cross country car ride; a change from a house in a neighborhood with a large yard, to a condo building in the city with no outdoor space; loud traffic noises and lots of people/dogs that frightened him; and space restriction inside our condo. Plus he had behavioral issues that other trainers were unable to help us with - pulled horribly on walks, counter surfing, too rough in play, etc.  

Prior trainers primarily touted the "pack leader" mentality as the solution for all of the problems but this was not the answer for our dog/us.  Jeff has a different mindset that clicked with us and our dog.  He is calm and kind and his methods make sense.  We hired him for 12 sessions and our only regret is that we did not know Jeff when our dog was a puppy.  We could have had a well-trained dog  some years earlier and we would have enjoyed our pet a whole lot more.  We definitely recommend Jeff and Chicago Paws 100%. He has been in the business a long time, is very committed, easy to work with, very bright and our dog loved him and responded beautifully to his training. An all around great experience.

Darcy M.

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